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Aerial view of Gateway HQ, Sioux City. (Google Maps)  Building Names: 1 - Main  2 - Mexico  3 - Pacific  4 - Peru  5 - Argentina

Gateway’s HQ in North Sioux City, South Dakota (USA), was a large sprawling collection of interconnecting metal buildings with two floors.  At its peak, it was close to 750,000 square feet in size (about half the size of the Pentagon in Washington DC) and would take a brisk 5 minutes to walk from end to end.  Surprisingly, it was fitted out rather nicely inside, and although Gateway operated a frugal appearance, the office and facilities were more than adequate.  It is estimated the entire facility cost no more than $70,000,000 to build over its lifetime.  It employed close to 5,700 people at one time.

The entire plant and its accompanying land consists a total of 77 acres and is currently up for sale by its owner, Acer Computer Corp. For around $15 Million (Nov.2013).  It was finally sold for $5.75 Million in 2017 to Keating Resources.  As of 2020, part of the facility is now the “United Sports Academy”. The academy features four college-size basketball courts and eight youth basketball courts.  There are four college volleyball courts and eight youth volleyball courts, four pickleball court, and two golf simulators.  There's also a performance training centre and health club.

Among the other new businesses which have moved into sections of the large facility are “Sterling Computers”, who have made it their new HQ (189,000 square feet).  While most of the cowspots have now been painted over, it’s great to see the good people of South Dakota/Iowa utilising this iconic landmark and bringing employment and life back to North Sioux City.

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