Gateways’ first overseas operation was based in Dublin, Ireland and was purchased outright by Gateway2000.  It was originally built for Seagate, but the deal fell through. It was eventually leased to Prime Computer which ceased operations in 1992.

Gateway executed its European expansion in less than 6 months and was fitting out the building by the early summer of 1993. Its first employees, many of whom had spent nearly 5 weeks in Sioux City, came back in August ‘93 to a major work in progress, as Computer Servers and phones were still being installed and tested, cubicles and chairs were being delivered and other facilities including production cells and a new cafeteria still under construction!  A building next door owned by Westinghouse Corporation was used temporarily for meetings and training purposes during this time. At it’s peak, it employed 1,700 people.

The Irish facility was located about 10 minutes from Dublin airport on the main motorway (M1) into the city.  Today it is largely unused, utilised for storage and transport services in part, and is available for lease (Nov.2017).  It consists of 160,000 Sq. Feet of Office space and 130,000 Sq. Feet for industrial use.  It also has a rather nice showroom facility at its entrance which served as customer demonstration area (13 on the aerial view below).

Let’s show you around the European HQ.  A key to each marked location on the image below can be found further down this page…

1 -     Main Assembly Floor

2 -     Main Warehouse

3 -     Accounts / MIS (2nd Floor)

4 -     Goods Inward

5 -     Employee Entrance(1)/Security Station

6 -     Client Care (GF) / Tech.Support/Corporate Sales (FF)

7 -     MIS/Sever Room/Technical Support (1st Floor)

7 -     Cafeteria (Ground Floor)  Copy Room (1st Floor)

8 -     Regional Engineering Services (Lab)

9 -     Outside Tables (Cafeteria)

10 -   Product Marketing/Marketing Services/PR/Web Dev.

10 -   Creative Services (Marketing - External Buildings)

11 -   Main Entrance/Lobby (Executive offices 1st Floor)

12 -   Sales (1st Floor) / Regional Services & Operations (GF)

13 -   HR/MIS/Operations/Mail Room (Ground Floor)

13 -   Showroom

14 -   Main Gate/Security

15 -   Employee Entrance (2)/Security Station

16 -   Operations / Purchasing / Planning

17 -   Factory Outlet Sales (Ground Floor)

18 -   Loading Bays (Goods Outward)

18 -   Download and Technical Services (1st Floor)

19 -   Generators / Back-Up Supply

20 -   Phase 3 Expansion (Cancelled)

Click image to expand

Building 3 - Front

Building 3 - Back (Goods Inwards for Main Warehouse)

Building 1 - Front (looking towards main offices and lobby entrance)

If you worked at another Gateway facility or store, please send us your images and stories…

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